069. Be-YOU-tiful

Dear Solmates,

No sponsored post today. Just real talk about a cause near and dear to my heart in both worlds - today is June 1st, which marks the beginning of Pride Month in the US (and in most of the world). Did you know that nationally recognized Pride Month celebrations are just old enough to drink - that's right, in the US June became pride month just in 2000.

Pride is more meaningful to me now more than ever after a year riddled with maneuvering around the pandemic and the racial unrest bought about by police brutality that defined the summer.

I take solace in knowing that the strive for parity for my LGBTQ+ family and equality in all worlds is buoyed by the fact that the first Pride was a riot led by two trans women of color. So while we come together to celebrate how far we've come, let's not turn a blind eye to how far we have yet to go. Every day in America, and in many countries around the world, our trans brothers and sisters are being murdered before the age of 35. Murdered for being themselves and living their truth. Legislators seek to stack the deck against them with antiquated bills and laws that will set LGBTQ+ rights back to the 80s.

We move forward when we amplify the voices of those who aren't heard. We move forward when we seek out how to better ally our brothers and sisters. Those of us who party do so with reckless abandon because we've made it through the battle. But I beg you, before you pick up a flag or don your glitter - make sure you've done your work.

LGBTQ+ organizations need our help: time, platform, and yes money. If you can please consider donating one today. With all that being said, I am sending light to every one of you today, and especially on this day, the first day of Pride Month, I beg you to be excellent to yourselves, and to one another.

Solfully Yours, S.

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