101. True Colors

Dear Solmates,

It's taken moooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssss for me to snatch this lady for a photo but - voila. 🥰 You never know when you'll meet truly special is kind of awesome like that. My homie Shae is one of those people who let's me be myself - the full range of feelings, and nerdiness. I watch Trolls a lot because of my son and our friend space reminds me a lot of that movie: warmth, kindness, singing, and lots of color. I am grateful.

When the time came to grab an amiga to check out this OMY Homegirl Hud, I was all to happy to set it up with Shae! I never really paid too much attention to little things like this until I started seeing people using the couple's huds. And immediately jumped into the "WhAt AbOuT mEeE?" Pro-Tip: I love using these OMY huds to be dragged around laggy shopping events. #lazy4life Anyway, this hud is honestly super cute - so do make sure you scurry over to Jail Event to pick up your own! And while you're at it - check out OMY for their super sickeningly sweet couple's huds, and poses!

It's my birthday weekend! So if you see me in these SL streets - don't forget to say "Happy bornday, Sol!"

Solfully Yours,



On Sol

Head: LeLUTKA Fleur.2.5

Body: Legacy (f) (1.4)

Hair: Doux - Becca

Glasses: Evermore Baxter

Outifit: Miss Chelsea Jani

Pose: OMY Homegirl Hud @ Jail Event

Backdrop: MINIMAL Gossip Stairs

On Shae

Outfit: (fd) Summer Fun Shirt/ Skirt

Hair: Foxy - Joy.

Bag: MVT - Tote rainbow bag

E-Reader: MVT - Notebook case and kindle - Im pride 1

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