105. What a Re-Leaf

Dear Solmates,

I would like to tell you this plant inspired shot is motivated by my amazing green thumb and natural talent and love of gardening.

But it's not...🤣 I kill all plants. Accidentally or otherwise. I'm pretty much the worst plant parent ever.

But I dream of a day where I have the attention span to be better to plants. I recently read about a man who celebrates life's victories by planting trees, and, I find that very lovely in a society that seems to consume more than preserve.

Short post today, because well, there's life out there waiting to be lived so I need to get to it. In the meantime, do be excellent to yourselves, and to each other.

Solfully Yours,



Hair: DOUX - Karol

Head: LeLUTKA Fleur.2.5

Body: Legacy (f) (1.4)

Pose/Backdrop: Synnergy Cover Up Pose & Living Wall Backdrop @ TLC *NOW until 8/10*

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