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434. Aquarius: Always Changing, Constantly Evolving

Today's featured items are sponsored by Prism Event's latest and greatest shopping space: Stellar. This round highlights totally original creations from the finest creators on the grid in homage to the astrological sign, Aquarius. Cosmic accessories, fantasy acouterements, and so much more are up for grabs at Stellar which starts today, January 21st and runs until February 13th. Make sure you stop by today!



Hair: NoMatch No Depth @ Stellar

Orb: Petrichor Aqualia Gem Orb @ Stellar

Headpiece: Pitaya Aquarius @ Stellar

Also Shown

Backdrop: K&S Dreamlike Space

Petals: HalfDeer Sakura Petals

Dress: Petrichor Sarabi

Skin Overlay: Aii Ooame Underwater Tattoo

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