71. Golden Summer

Dear Solmates,

It's a hazy summer day where I am - and I'm not complaining about that! I find that when I embrace the attitude of gratitude any negative feelings I'm feeling tend to dissipate. But being fully human and in touch with that, sometimes the big uglies (complex feelings are what I call big uglies) bubble to the surface. When that happens, I try my best to surround myself with fun.

What's more fun than an impromptu water gun fight?! Nuka and Uri were all too happy to step in and commence the water chaos. As for the big uglies, I'm still working through them, but a little bit of fun does help put things in perspective - rather than focusing on the micro, I was given a brief pause to focus on the macro, which truly helps!

So Solmates, if you can, take a moment to embrace the silly! It doesn't solve all of the problems - but it shifts the gaze, just for a moment - and that's nice. In the meantime, be excellent to yourself and each other.

Solfully Yours,



Head: LeLUTKA Fleur.2.5

Body: Legacy (f) (1.4)

Hair: F.Q. Rocky

My Bikini: [Aleutia] Bri Top & Thong *Pride Edition*

Nuka's Bikini: [Aleutia] Faye @ Uber

Water Gun: S&P Watergun interactive

Dog: Jian Pool Party Pups

Floatie: what next lazy summer floatie

Pose: Foxcity Splash

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